The ‘Disassemblers!’

This week we exercised our curiosity by dismantling a printer, kettle and VHS tape in order to find out what was inside. The boys were under strict instructions that the items could only be disassembled – no forcing, cracking or smashing! In the end they had a pile of components to contemplate new inventions. Is this where the flux capacitor started?dsc03848


Rocks and Fossils

Today the boys were presented with a collection of rocks, fossils and mysterious objects. Armed only with a few reference books, information cards, a search engine and a bit of curiosity; the boys were given only one instruction… “Have a look!”

What followed was a process of sorting, organising, grouping and dating; with a bit of awe and wonder thrown in.img_2707

The Chronology of big ideas

This week we were thinking about the chronology of big ideas. Having been presented with some important equations that marked significant moments in history, the boys had to place them in the correct chronological order. Once this had been achieved there was an exploration into their meaning and significance. Ramez and Zach both gave mini-talks on the theoretical possibility, or impossibility, of the ‘multi-verse’ theories.img_2632

Week 1 ‘What is a marshmallow?”

Today we looked at marshmallows – and tried to think about how we could consider them on different levels…

What were the ingredients? Are there really boiled-up animal bones?

How do they make us feel? What memories and feelings do they bring up?

What is the chemistry that takes place when we roast and eat them?

What happens when we put them on our tongue?

Is the marshmallow a metaphor for something bigger?

We then had the very important tasting session!!